Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow House Plans

The word “bungalows” comes from the Indian word bangla, which refers to the thatched houses with low roofs and porches built around them. A bungalow style home was created when the British adapted this classic style of Indian architecture in their houses. Bungalow houses are usually a story, however, our collection includes many designs one and a half story. Bungalow distinctive type are low pitched roofs with wide eaves, overhangs, large porches and stone fireplaces with prominent fireplace placed. This style remains a favorite of Americans because of his good looks, comfortable and eco-design environment. You may also want to look into our house plans craftsman, which are very similar in style to the Bungalow.

Bungalow House Entrance Design

Bungalow house plans are related to the Craftsman style, but relate more specifically to small, one-story gabled houses with front or rear porches. For your information, bungalow style was popular in the United States in 1900 and has inspired many descendants of architecture.

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Bungalow House Plans For Acreages

Bungalows are most often associated with “artisan” homes, but are certainly not limited to that particular architectural style. Bungalows generally have a solid compact appearance ,, horizontal, often with low ceiling heights, front and side gables and porches asymmetric front. They are often regarded as being lower in square feet, simply because many of them were, at the height of their popularity during the early years of the 20th century In recent years, Bungalows have enjoyed renewed popularity, mainly due to its presence in traditional neighborhood developments.

Bungalow houses are a subset within the Arts and Crafts Movement (1895-1935), who went from being a reaction to the ornate Victorian architecture from 1870 to 1900. Embracing simplicity, work and natural materials, bungalows are the definition of comfort. Bungalows are often one and a half stories, with low ceilings and shallow pitch “shed” deep porches and dormers. It supports heavy stone porch columns that taper as they rise and wide eaves projection are all typical bungalows appointments, as they are exposed eaves brackets. Exterior materials include natural stone tile, and / or stucco.

Bungalow House Plans Bonus Room

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