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Modern residential architecture is based on a wide variety of influences, from the designs of Prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright in the mid-century modern homes feature of the international movement, plans and geometric A-frame houses in recent decades. The unifying factors are contempt for historical precedents and a general sense of minimalism. Many designs of modern houses also take advantage of advances in technology and building materials to create unique and innovative designs. Glass, concrete, vinyl and wood – often with an industrial look to them – emphasize the concept of progressive architecture. Abundant windows are characteristic of modern home designs, creating a connection to the outside. Contemporary home plans offer flexible space and flexible use, allowing the homeowner to adapt the functionality of the house to your lifestyle. These home plans reward the adventurous owner with updated functionality and design.

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Contemporary-modern style from mid-century modern with the latest designs that represent current trends towards an elegant and contemporary design. Contemporary-modern design features clean, simple lines and minimal decoration, lots of glass and flat roofs or shed. Many plans have unusual open-plan spaces indoor / outdoor living.

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Contemporary Craftsman Home Plans

Contemporary home plans, also known as modern housing schemes, often characterized by the absence of any historical style. Contemporary homes can be varied, possibly unique, and there is one common design theme unites them as a style. They often have large expanses of windows and can often have dramatic rooftops. Contemporary drawings are usually open and informal. Contemporary house plans also vary widely by region, and what can be considered as contemporary in a region that could be seen as just another non-traditional.

Contemporary housing plans are simple and clean lines with large windows devoid of decorative elements. Contemporary houses are generally flat, gable or shed roofs, asymmetrical shapes and open floor plans eco houses designed by architects from the 1950s, 60s and early 70s Examples of contemporary style homes range popular culture “Monsanto House of the Future” at Disneyland in 1956 to house the sitcom “The Brady Bunch”, which ran on TV from 1969-1973.

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