Log Home Plans

Among the modern house plans are designed in a variety of styles that use logs as part of the main building. Gabled roofs and straight designs are characteristic, as odd angles and complicated contours are expensive and difficult to reach. Today the house style wooden covers a wide range, from drawings to walls actual logs, for projects for which records are only used as special effects. The development of log cabins was influenced by the Homestead Act early American of 1862, which gave the settlers the rights to open land, but needs to grow and build homes at least eleven fifty feet in size, with at least one window glass.

Log Home Plans For Narrow Lots

The wooden house today is adapted to modern times using ground bleeding registration carefully carved on the outside corner. The interior is a reflection of the needs of today’s family, with open living areas. The wooden house began as people pushed west in wooded areas. Log house today is often large and elegant. Also look for stories of inspiration in our section of floor wooden house.

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Elegant Log Home Plans

Among home plans come in all shapes and sizes, from floor plans unwelcoming house floor plans luxury vacation home and all that. If you are interested in rustic barn house or traditional wooden houses, you can find thousands of floor plans wooden house in our library. Search by keyword, style, bedrooms, bathrooms or square footage. They are always adding new floor plans, so be sure to check back often!

We believe in the tradition of lifestyle log house, and most importantly, we believe in providing our customers with a wooden house that has waited the whole atmosphere and the beauty of a traditional wooden house, but also completely integrated with the most technologically advanced features available today.

European Log Home Plans

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