Southern House Plans

The plans of the house in the south are usually made of wood or brick with pitched roofs or eardrum, which often have dormers. House plans South incorporating classic features such as columns, pediments, and curtains and some designs have elaborate frames and ledges that resemble aspects of architecture pre-Civil War plantation.

Southern House Plans With Pictures

To make life in southern climates humid comfortable, home-style South make use of high ceilings and large porch to catch the breezes. Regional variations southern style include styles of Louisiana Creole and the plain (South Carolina and vicinity), are often topped with metal roofs.

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Southern House Plans One Story

The plans of the house of the South are designed to capture the spirit of the south. Houses South may have different floor plans, ranging from simple to luxurious cabins, expansion drawings. Common to most floors of the house are living south high ceilings and covered porches. They usually have a warm front and cozy style, but they can also be formal and impressive. Regionalism also plays a role in the definition of a plan of small house sitting south, with two-story designs popular in the cities and ranches more the norm in rural Southern town.

To accommodate the hot air and moist southern climates, the houses of the south are large and airy, with high ceilings, large porches, usually made of wood. A wraparound porch offers shade during the heat of the day. Gabled or pitched roofs are usually medium or low in height, often with dormers. Many southern home plans are closely related to the residential floors of our country and the plans for housing in the country.

Southern House Plans With Detached Garage

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The plans of the house of the South are designed to capture the spirit of the South, in particular greek Revival antebellum plantation mansions. House plans of the South in all shapes and sizes of farms comfortable stately plantations.

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