20 Best Apps for Floor Plan Design Projects

Apps for home design
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An app for floor plan is an ‘application’ on an android or iOS device designed to help in planning and creating the perfect floor plan without spending a fortune.

Apps for floor plans are capable of creating floors in minutes.

They include scaled diagrams that show the whole house, room by room, windows, doors, colors, and the best arrangement of furniture.

Floor plans apps are so advanced that they even allow you to scale your digital floor plan using electrical symbols and wall structures.

But with so many applications available online – all claiming to be the best floor planner app, choosing the right app for floor plan can be a difficult task.

To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the best free floor plans apps that can help you design a perfect floor plan at no cost.

Apps for floor plans

Here are our best 20 best floor plans apps.

1. Magic Plan

Magic Plan is a great app for floor plan design allowing you to upload a picture of an existing house and create a new floor plan from it.

The app makes it easy to add walls, furniture, and comments into your plan.  

The basic version of the Magic Plan app is free but you need a monthly subscription to access additional features and objects.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00; $9.99/month for additional features.

2. Homestyler

Billed as one of the best apps for floor plan designs, Homestyler enables you to take a picture of your home and place a 3D model of the furniture in the house.

The app comes with a furniture store that contains a huge collection of quality furniture, decorations and lighting fixtures.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00

3. Home Maker

The Home Maker app is one of the easiest-to-use floor plans apps with customizable options to renovate, decorate, and pick décor and design your home.

The app, which can be downloaded directly from a phone, allows you to customize the various parts of your house, as well as the garden.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00

4. AR Plan 3D Ruler

The AR Plan 3D Ruler is one of the finest floor planner apps in the market with the capacity to decorate and design detailed floor plans on 3D models.

With this app, you can calculate the height and perimeter of your walls with great accuracy and obtain the results in imperial and metric units.

The AR Plan 3D Ruler is the best floor planner app for viewing designs on phone.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00

5. Home Design Outdoor Garden

The Home Design Outdoor Garden allows you to design floor plans with incredible speed and at no cost at all.

The app helps in remodeling houses in 3D and you can easily adjust the thickness of the walls when making the 3D floor plans.

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Like other good apps for floor plans, Home Design Outdoor Garden comes with a huge collection of furniture, accessories and other design templates.

Platform: Android, iOS, Mac

Pricing: $0.00

6. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator offers a wide range of collection of floor plans that you can simply pick and create your floor plan of choice.

The app’s best features include the levelling area, rooms, and automatic perimeter calculation – which enable you to design your house in any dimension you wish.

Platform: Android

Pricing: $0.00

7. Room Scan Pro

Room Scan Pro enables you to create a house plan within minutes.

To obtain the layout of your room, you need to walk around the perimeter and lean your phone to each wall.

The app will measure the distance to the walls and create a plan based on the information obtained.

Room Scan Pro includes a free and paid version.

The free version allows you to scan only a single room while the paid version allows you to scan as many rooms as you desire.

Platform: iOS

Pricing: $0.00

apps for designing houses
A woman opens a mobile app. (Phone: File)

8. Planner 5D

Arguably the most popular app for floor plan design among users of android and iOS, Planner 5D allows you to create indoors and outdoors in 2D and 3D versions.

The app is a great tool for testing your design ideas. You may use it to edit a layout and view the house design in a virtual mode.

Planner 5D is ideal for both designers and decorators.

Platform: Android, iOS Mac.

Pricing: $0.00

9. Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is a powerful web app for floor plan design with the ability to draw 2D and 3D floor plans and generate 4K photorealistic renders in a jiffy.

The app comes with incredibly easy-to-use rendering controls and AI-assisted features that allow users to design a house within no time.

With Foyr Neo, you can create 2D floor plans from scratch or you can simply upload an existing drawing in .jpg format and create a design around it.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00 (14-days trial)

10. Roomsketcher

Roomsketcher allows designers to draw walls, floor plans and layout with ease. The app allows you to add your preferred types of stairs, windows, and doors.

It also gives you the option of picking materials for use in the design process.

Once you are done, Roomsketcher creates high quality 3D renders to give you the best virtual experience while allowing you to share the designs with your people.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00

11. Madrees

Madrees enables you to create house plans in 2D and 3D models.

The app is quite easy to use, even for a beginner, and it comes with great features such as data export, image output, furniture, floor, window, and save data.

It also comes with a gallery that allows you to view all the design photographs.

Platform: Android

Pricing: $0.00

12. Cubicasa

Cubicasa, which has an indoor scanning process, helps users to receive their floor plans in high-resolution in .pdf, .jpg, .png, and SVG files.

The app allows you to stick your company logo and select your color for the floors and walls. Its room labels are available in English, French, German, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00

13. Room Creator Interior Design

Room Creator Interior Design helps designers and prospective homeowners to see how their houses will look like after construction.

The app allows viewing of the designs in real-time.

It also enables users to pick and assemble fittings in the inbuilt furniture store.

With this app, you can choose the color of objects, materials, windows, doors, etc. to your preference.

Platform: iOS

Pricing: $0.00

A man using a smartphone. (Photo: File)

14. Smart Plan

Smart Plan is an open-source design app that helps to measure walls, floors, windows and doors.

It is quite simple to operate. Upon installation, you only need to start your camera and point out the object you wish to measure.

The measurements are presented in cm, mm or inches.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00

15. Houzz

Houzz app creates high-resolution house plans and makes it easy for users to share images and plans with their clients or family.

The app is available at no cost and you can instantly find it in your phone app library upon downloading and installation.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00

16. Grapholite Floor Plans

Grapholite Floor Plans allows you to remodel the structure of your house and adjust your construction easily, quickly and without spending money.

This is app creates high quality 3D plans and guides users on the most appropriate ways to design exact architectural plans.

Platform: iOS

Pricing: $0.00

17. Room Planner Home Interior & Floor Plan Design 3D

This app is designed to help you create new floor plans, modify the layout of your furniture, and to change the color of your walls among other capabilities.

Room Planner Home Interior & Floor Plan Design 3D operates online and offline, which helps you to design even when without an Internet connection.

Platform: Android, iOS, Mac

Pricing: $0.00

18. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D enables you to create an attractive home design by drawing the layout of your room and your desired floor design.

The app also allows you to add doors and windows, and to modify the height and thickness of your walls according to your preferences.

Platform: Android, iOS, Mac

Pricing: $0.00

19. Roomle 3D and AR Room Planner

Roomle 3D and AR Room Planner is an easy-to-use app for floor plan design – requiring you to only tap the objects on the floor and drag the design on the item.

The app enables you to design your house in 3D, as you can pick a wall color, design a floor pattern, or even add your preferred décor.

Platform: Android

Pricing: $0.00

20. Homify

Homify is a great assistant as far as planning a house is concerned and it can greatly inspire you with many interesting ideas about your project.

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: $0.00

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