Steps You Should Take When You Notice a Serious Leak

Melissa Bradford

Steps You Should Take When You Notice a Serious Leak

A leak can be devastating. Water can severely damage your home and appliances and costs you many thousands of dollars to fix all of the damage done. In this article we wanted to share some tips of what to do when you first notice the leak. We hope this advice can help.

Don’t Panic

It doesn’t do any good to get freaked out about the leak. A few seconds to settle down won’t cost anything. Just take a deep breath and realize that thousands of people across the United States are going through this same exact thing right now.

Turn Off Water Main

The valve to turn off your water is usually near the street, on the ground in a hatch. The water can be turned off here. There is a valve that you turn to shut off water flow. Turn this valve to the right and make sure the meter stops running.

Assess the Damage

Take a look at what has been damaged. Is it in the wall? Did the water penetrate the floor on an upper story of your home? Has mildew or mold started growing? These are important questions to think about.

Repair and Replace

This is the part where you decide if you can repair the leak and replace the damaged area yourself or will you hire a professional. A professional plumber in Melbourne, FL for example can come out the same day and fix the problem so your water can be running smoothly within an hour or two. This is their profession and they know what they are doing.


A leak isn’t the end of the world. It may cost some time and money but getting it fixed and getting your water flowing are the most important first steps. And remember, don’t panic. It doesn’t help at all and probably actually makes thinking clearly harder.  A plumber can help you fix your issue and it doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg.

To learn more on what repairs are critical or can wait, please see the information below.

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