25 Pergola Ideas for Outdoor Living

“There’s definitely two main factors to create a pergola,” says New York City–based landscaper Amber Freda, president of Freda Inc. “One is purpose and the other is aesthetics—it can increase an ambiance, produce a perception of intimacy. The functionality is offering a shade construction and area for seating that will […]

AD PRO’s 2023 Outdoor Forecast

“If someone is renovating their backyard place,” Kwong says, “native plants are a good place to begin.” They are inclined to have tailored to the local climate they contact residence, so, despite its changing, they could nicely need to have less water immediately after their establishment period. “They have also […]

11 Zen Garden Ideas for a Meditative Outdoor Space

Photo: istockphoto.com We owe a debt of gratitude to the centuries-old culture of Japan. Consider the complementary concepts of wabi-sabi and kintsugi, which have helped Westerners gain an appreciation for the beauty of imperfections. Japan has introduced gourmands across the globe to some delectable edible offerings—sushi and ramen, of course, […]