5 Factors to Consider When Planning for a Home Renovation

Melissa Bradford

5 Factors to Consider When Planning for a Home Renovation

A renovation can be an exciting time to refresh a home, but it’s also important for homeowners to research and plan. Homeowners should start by determining the reason behind their renovation and then decide on specific projects to make the biggest impact.


Home renovation costs tend to be less than building a house from the ground up, as homeowners can save on costs associated with laying foundations, framing the house, and installing new materials. However, budgeting for unexpected expenses, such as damage discovered during renovation and obtaining a permit, is essential. The best way to determine a rough cost for your home remodel is to ask contractors for estimates. A few internet searches can help you develop a general ballpark figure. Still, it is a good idea to call multiple contractors and ask for detailed breakdowns of labor and materials.


A home renovation entails much more than just a painting project or changing the hardware on kitchen cabinets. Professional contractors have the experience and knowledge to help you plan, design, create a schedule, and ensure your remodel is completed on time and within your budget. Contractors have a network of trusted professionals, like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other specialists. They can also assist you in obtaining permits and inspections. They can also recommend designers, workers, suppliers, and vendors to save you time and money. It is good to visit their website for more valuable information.


While it may sound obvious, it’s important to distinguish between renovation and remodeling. Each comes with different costs, time frames, and permit requirements. Additionally, they can differ in terms of the value a homeowner will recoup. A home renovation is typically less expensive and includes painting, changing kitchen cabinets hardware, or updating lighting. These spruce-ups typically don’t impact a home’s overall design or structure. A remodel, on the other hand, often requires more professional assistance. It also often involves adding onto a house, converting space, and making structural changes. These projects require permits and can be more complex, so hiring professionals for these jobs is best. This can save homeowners from costly errors like water damage or structural failure that can be devastating.


When homeowners consider a home renovation project, they often consider decor options, paint colors, and whether it will increase their home’s value. However, there is one aspect of remodeling that many homeowners overlook – whether the project requires a permit and, if so, how to get it. The outcome can be costly if a building inspector discovers that your home improvement project was done without a permit. You may be required to tear out the work you did or face fines and penalties that can exceed your original budget. In addition, your home insurance could be voided if the illegal work results in damage. It’s not worth the risk.


A home renovation is a larger undertaking than simple updates like changing paint colors or swapping out cabinet hardware. It typically involves hiring professional contractors, obtaining permits, and passing inspections.

Select a contractor with a strong track record of transparency, timeliness, and respect for homeowners’ property. Ask friends and neighbors to recommend a contractor they’ve used. Also, consider the timing of your renovation for upcoming holidays and events you want to attend. Finally, packing up your personal belongings and renting an offsite storage unit can help you protect your possessions from damage and ensure the renovation team doesn’t have to work around them.

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