16 Interior Design Red Flags to Watch Out For When You’re Dating

Melissa Bradford

Hanna claims that she doesn’t “know a man who properly shops online for furniture as much as they do for clothes.” She continues, “I wish that people expressed themselves in similar ways in their home interior, especially because you’re constantly in your home. Even though we’re post-pandemic, it’s still important to dress up your home…. We’re so comfortable in the house now, we have to tailor it more than these outside places.” This is something that Herman also finds extremely peculiar. “It always surprises me when people that are very deliberate in their fashion choices seem to have no clue when it comes to interior design,” he states. “I’ll take an ostentatious, tacky, or cluttered space over an IKEA showroom any day.”

Paying extra attention to details, even for smaller things like plates, flatware, cups, lighters, and ashtrays, also gets some major bonus points. “I don’t want to drink wine out of a mug,” says Hanna. “I don’t want to drink it out of a cup either.” The bar is pretty low so if you already have more than one fork, knife, and spoon then you’re doing great! Beverly’s rule of thumb is say no to mugs, even the celebratory ones. “A fun date actually, for me because I’m a freak and maybe for you, would be going over and being like, ‘Let’s just buy everything you need!’” An even better idea would be bringing your date to the Beverly’s store where the stylist can personally help with upgrading their homewares. (After all, her goal is for “people to come and fall in love here.”) “What’s the heart of the house? Sometimes there isn’t one and that’s concerning,” she adds. 

Here are 17 green flags approved by our critics to add to your cart:

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron Round Oven in Shallot

“I never cook, but I love an actual functioning kitchen. That’s a green flag for me because so many bachelor pads are either American Psycho, like never cooked in that kitchen in their whole life, or there’s takeout and leftovers on the counter. I need somebody that knows how to cook for sure. What’s better than an appliance? If they have a gas range…I mean, wow! Marriage material, right? Any Viking Range appliances, hello! Or that Miele dishwasher….” -Colin King

Smeg ’50s Retro Style Milk Frother

“Appliances in general, like a sexy coffee machine or even knowing how to steep a tea properly…. I’m not even mad at some kind of advanced, pretty looking Nespresso machine. A milk frother? Sealed. I used to say you know you’ve made it when you have a milk frother.” -Beverly Nguyen

“I always find it impressive when anyone is able to take care of their [houseplants]. I think it says a lot about who they are as a person and if they care about something. If they care about the plants it kind of means they care about their home, you know? It’s a good indication for me.” -John Sohn

“When they have flowers it’s a super green flag no matter what the aesthetic is because it shows you that someone is thinking about having joy in their home and making you feel welcome.” -Lula Galeano

Completed Works Ekaterina Bazhenova Yamasaki Wake Ceramic Vase

“If you have fresh flowers, I don’t even really care what they are, it’s a green flag for me. It’s an attention to detail and beauty.” -Colin King

Boby Office Trolley By Joe Colombo – B22

“The Boby trolley is super practical and I think anyone that has it knows what’s up to a certain extent. Anyone that appreciates that probably has some taste.” -Jonathan Sanchez-Obias

Staub 5-Qt. Graphite Tall Round Cocotte

“It’s always a green light if somebody has a dutch oven. You might have shitty knives, but we can fix that. You have the foundation of a soup pot which I think is sexy…. The desire to learn or the desire to want to do it is very sexy.” -Beverly Nguyen

Bellhop Portable LED Table Lamp

“If they have an interesting lamp or lighting situation I can really get down with that. I can forgive people on furniture, but I think what goes on surfaces is really easy and you’ll be able to live with it forever. So I’m always drawn to guys with cute lighting.” -Colin King

Sarah Ellison Valentina Screen

“Distinct, defined areas in an apartment or living space—having zones for everything like an area where you eat, an area where you have your living room, an area that you have your office. I know that’s really tough in New York because we’re limited on so much space, but I think it’s nice when people are able to carve out zones. Establishing those boundaries is very good and very healthy.” -John Sohn

Parachute Down Mattress Topper

“You should just make a nice bed, then people won’t leave.” -Beverly Nguyen

“Aalto is kind of like quiet luxury and pretty standard pieces that have influenced so many designs, so when people have the real one, that’s a green flag.” -Jonathan Sanchez-Obias

Cotton Canvas Hand Pillow by Sohn

“Having a sense of humor or whimsy about decor, not being too serious about it like the greigification of everything…It’s nice when you walk into a home and there’s something kind of cheeky showing that people aren’t taking things too seriously in their home. I feel like sometimes people can try to make their home look too chic and polished, and that just makes everyone kind of uncomfortable.” -John Sohn

“A few guys that I’ve dated before had a speaker in the bathroom. It’s a very small and easy thing to do. If you’re playing music throughout your home, and then you go into the bathroom and there’s a Sonos in there that’s connected…it’s easily a yes. You care about things, you like a little ambience. I have a little Google Home in the bathroom.” -Beverly Nguyen

Transparent White Small Glass Speaker

“If they have a sound system I’m like, ‘Great!’ I’m one of those people who always has some music on. People who consider a vibe and know how to entertain are really, really nice and that comes with lighting, smells, what you’re hearing…. Playing to the senses a little bit is considerate and thoughtful.” -Colin King

Hudson Wilder Orange Decca Stackable Glass Set

“My friends all have Hudson Wilder cups, knives, and the strainer, everyone’s kitchen now looks the same. I’m glad it all translated over to a uniform.” -Beverly Nguyen

“An interesting green flag I was thinking about was unique or special tableware and cutlery. When people are able to curate a nice table setting I think it really shows that someone’s thinking about design or just considering what kind of small thing like a fork will make their life a little bit better.” -John Sohn

Dyson V7 Advanced Origin Cordless Vacuum – Silver

“If you have a Dyson V7 I’m sleeping with you. It’s done, sealed.” -Beverly Nguyen

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