The Best Towel Rails To Maximise Space In Your Bathroom

When it comes to contemporary bathroom design, many opt for towel rails over standard radiators – and we can see why. There’s nothing better than stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel. Towel rails are a smart, space-saving addition to bathrooms, offering not only practicality but a sleek, designer look. Plus, the warmth from a heated towel rail provides extra heat in your bathroom, creating a cosy environment on even the chilliest of days.

Simon Morris, Marketing Manager at The Radiator Company talks about the benefits of a towel rail: ‘Bathrooms tend to have limited space available but the last thing you want in the colder months is for the room to be freezing. If you’d love the comfort of toasty warm towels when you step out from the bath, and would like to keep the chill off the room as a whole, consider investing in a towel rail.

‘Space is often a consideration when choosing a towel rail but you also need to ensure you have enough hanging space on the rail to accommodate everyone’s towels. One of the first things you need to ask yourself is how many people use the bathroom, and how many towels are you likely to have?’

When investing in a towel rail, watch out for where the wall hanging brackets are located, Simon warns: ‘Brackets often sit between the cross bars at the back and limit the hanging space down the middle for damp towels. Look for ranges with brackets on the outside collectors to increase hanging space.’

Types of towel rails

There are many types of towel rails, from ladder towel rails to traditional cast iron towel rails. With various size options available, you can choose from towel rails that hang several towels, through to compact designs for a smaller bathroom.

Towel rails also come in various forms, such as electric, dual fuel, and even freestanding. If you’re considering a heated towel warmer, you’ll need to consider what power source you’ll be using to heat it. There are three main power sources for heated towel rails:

  1. Electric towel rails are powered by your mains electricity, making them a practical option if you don’t want to make any changes to your existing pipework. Electric towel warmers work whether your central heating is on or not – ideal for heating your bathroom in the summer months when the heating isn’t on.
  2. Plumbed towel rails work alongside your central heating. This means that when the central heating is on, your towel rail will come on at the same time. If you opt for a plumbed towel radiator, make sure you choose one with similar pipe sizing to your existing radiator to save the hassle of reworking the pipes.
  3. Dual fuel towel rails offer the best of both worlds as they are powered by both electricity and your central heating. This means you can heat your towel rail up both in the winter alongside your central heating as well as in the summer months when the heating is off.
    1. Whether your bathroom is modern, traditional, little or large, keep reading to discover the best towel rail options for your space.

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    The Black Ladder Heated Towel Rail

    Vertical Ladder Towel Rail


    £79.71 (29{171d91e9a1d50446856093950b947460c67b1ae5766d3d173ffede4594e3fbfb} off)

    Type Plumbed
    Size 80 x 40 cm

    The Black Freestanding Towel Rail

    Fulton Wood Black Floor Towel Rail

    Type Freestanding
    Size 75 x 65 x 15 cm

    The Bamboo Freestanding Towel Rail

    ANYDAY Bamboo Towel Stand

    Type Freestanding
    Size 91 x 55 x 27 cm

    The Stone Grey Heated Towel Rail

    Stone Grey Heated Towel Rail

    Type Dual fuel
    Size 75 x 50 cm

    The Matt Orange Heated Towel Rail

    Matt Orange Heated Towel Rail

    Type Dual fuel
    Size 111 x 50 cm

    The Traditional Heated Towel Rail

    White Traditional Heated Towel Rail

    Type Plumbed
    Size 93 x 45 x 15 cm

    The Wall Mounted Gold Towel Rail

    Wall Mounted Bathroom Towel Rail

    Type Wall-mounted
    Size 40 x 20 x 13 cm

    The Over Door Hanging Towel Rail

    Over the Door Hanging Towel Rail

    Type Door mounted
    Size 73 x 44.5 cm

    The Black Curved Heated Towel Rail

    Flomasta Black Vertical Curved Towel Radiator

    Type Plumbed
    Size 70 x 40 cm

    The Traditional Freestanding Towel Rail

    Traditional 5 Tier Freestanding Towel Rail


    The Singular Bar Heated Towel Rail

    Mayfair Chrome Towel Radiator


    £345.60 (10{171d91e9a1d50446856093950b947460c67b1ae5766d3d173ffede4594e3fbfb} off)

    Type Plumbed
    Size 79.5 x 50 cm

    The Compact Anthracite Heated Towel Rail

    Milano Anthracite Electric Towel Rail


    £126.39 (20{171d91e9a1d50446856093950b947460c67b1ae5766d3d173ffede4594e3fbfb} off)

    Type Electric
    Size 60 x 40 cm

    The Horizontal Heated Towel Rail

    Athena Horizontal Towel Rail

    Type Plumbed
    Size 120 x 37 cm

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