Why Residential Garage Door Repair Is Best Left to the Professionals

Why Residential Garage Door Repair Is Best Left to the Professionals

Damage will occur regardless of how attentively you care for your garage door. If cleaning and lubricating don’t fix the issue, you might need to employ a specialist.

Remove the old door

Garage doors are heavy, and if installed correctly, they could fall and damage your car or valuable items stored in the garage. Improper repairs and installation can also seriously injure you or your family members.

Garage door professionals at coastalgaragedoors.com know how to safely remove the old door and install a new one. To begin, they open the door and use locking pliers or clamps to secure the center bracket of the torsion shaft to prevent it from dropping while they release the tension on the springs. They then lower the door and start working on it panel by panel. Once they remove the old casing, they inspect the rough frame and shim it as needed. They then finish off the bottom panel by installing weather stripping to provide a seal against rain, snow, and cold air.

Identify the problem

A sagging garage door can make operating difficult and is often best replaced. Specific problems may be easier to remedy than you think, but intricate repairs should always be left to a professional.

An opener that won’t open the door might be due to a dead battery. See if it helps by trying to replace the battery. If not, it might be a photo-eye sensor problem or a circuit breaker issue. Ensure nothing obstructs the sensors, and wipe them down if needed.

A rattling noise may indicate that the springs are unbalanced or worn out. It requires a professional to fix, but you can try lubricating the springs to see if that helps. If not, the springs will need to be replaced.

Remove the old hardware

Before replacing or repairing a broken garage door, it is important to take the time to remove all of the garage’s hardware. It will assist in ensuring that the new garage door is installed correctly.

You can find various types of hardware at a home improvement store. Using decorative hardware can add a nice touch to the door and some value to your home. Some hardware can be used to hide dents and dings in the garage door. Screw covers or nail hole fillers are good options.

A garage is a place to store many valuable items. If a mistake is made during the repair, the garage door could fall and crash into your vehicle or any other valuables you have stored in the garage.

Install the new hardware

Many homeowners store valuable items in their garages, including the car they drive. An improperly repaired or installed garage door could fall, causing damage to your possessions. Hiring a contractor ensures that the work is done correctly and that any problems are appropriately resolved so that they do not reoccur in the future.

Test the door

A garage door has springs to move it up and down. If this break, the door won’t open. They can also become stretched and cause the door to move more slowly than it used to. A professional technician knows how to check and repair these issues quickly.

A malfunctioning door could easily fall on and seriously injure your family or valuable belongings if you don’t perform regular maintenance. It can also damage the items you store in your garage or vehicle.

It’s a good idea to check your door twice yearly as a general guideline. It includes examining for wear and tear signs and ensuring the doors seal properly to protect your home from air and water leaks. You should also test your door to ensure it operates smoothly without jerking movements.

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