How to repair gaps between vinyl flooring planks


Q: Our vinyl flooring has produced two widening cracks. Is there a way to correct this to accurate the visual appearance and to prevent even more widening, which could turn into a tripping hazard?

A: Of course, you really should be in a position to nudge the planks collectively to near the gaps. Vinyl planks, like a good deal of other flooring these times, are ordinarily set up as a floating floor. The plank edges interlock, so the flooring functions as a single unit that “floats” about the subfloor but is not connected to it.

All creating components, vinyl flooring incorporated, grow and agreement as temperatures alter. To allow for for that movement without the need of triggering the planks to buckle as they increase or slip aside as they shrink, installers are supposed to leave an expansion hole around the perimeter of the area. (The dimensions of the gap ought to be what’s recommended by the manufacturer.) Baseboards, quarter-round molding or cupboards go over the gaps — but it’s important to fasten these to the wall, not the ground, so the hole remains unencumbered.

A person draw back to the floating-flooring idea is that gaps do often open involving planks, as you have experienced. From time to time a hole is simple to near, at times it is trickier and in some cases it’s impossible, due to the fact some thing, these types of as a cupboard, was screwed by the flooring and into the subfloor. In most conditions, nevertheless, you can shut the hole by pushing the piece that is closest to a wall towards the centre of the place, which will place the growth gap back again at the perimeter of the space, the place it belongs.

Begin by cleansing the crack, so no debris retains it from closing. Vacuum it, then go in excess of it with a thing sharp, such as a toothpick or knife blade, to loosen any stuck gunk. Vacuum yet again.

If you’re lucky, you could possibly be in a position to kick the errant plank into place. Set on footwear with grip. With your back towards the wall that is closest to the hole, stand with a person foot on an adjoining plank and kick ahead on the plank that requirements to go. Sometimes that is all it takes to tighten the hole. If the plank isn’t the one particular upcoming to the wall, the next hole might open up up. Repeat until eventually you are at the wall.

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If that does not operate, or if your sneakers skid over the vinyl when you kick, get a piece of rubberlike rug pad, these as the nonslip really hard-floor rug pad ($6.34 for a 2-by-3-foot piece at Property Depot). Also get a short, thick piece of wood, these as a 12-inch length of two-by-4, and a rubber mallet. Location the pad on the plank you want to transfer, major that with the wood, then brace the wooden with your ft and strike the stop of it with the mallet until eventually the hole closes.

And if that doesn’t get the job done? In its place of employing the carpet pad, try out a Ground Gap Fixer ($51.99 on Amazon), a bar approximately two inches extensive and 10 inches prolonged with a sticky side. The company claims it grips even to textured vinyl and is reusable and washable. Or you can use double-adhere carpet tape with a wood block. (Trazon carpet tape, which claims to leave no residue, is $9.97 for a 12-garden roll that’s two inches broad on Amazon.) You almost certainly won’t be capable to pull up the Floor Gap Fixer or the block of wood you tapped versus with your fingers by yourself. Use a trim pry bar. At the time you get the bar a minor little bit underneath, slip a extensive putty knife underneath the pry bar, so when you lever it, the bar presses in opposition to the putty knife blade, lessening the risk of gouging the flooring.

And a closing choice, if your vinyl flooring is smooth: Rapidly-forward to a resolution that a flooring installer would likely use. Grip the plank whilst you faucet it into area, and use a suction software, this sort of as the FCHO ground-hole-fixer instrument ($21.99 on Amazon with a mallet included).

Whichever solution you use, if the plank closest to the wall is also brief to go away swing place for kicking the plank or tapping in opposition to a block or suction instrument, you will require a Z-condition metal bar that hooks more than the outdoors edge of the flooring and that has a idea on the other finish that extends upward for you to pound from, such as the Roberts 16.25-inch pro pull bar ($14.57 at Household Depot).

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